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Top 130 Romantic Happy Birthday Funny

by Isaac Brado

Happy Birthday Funny:There is joy whenever it is one’s birthday! They use these dates to document births of special persons. Some of the most notable persons are those who are able to find joy in the ridiculous aspects of existence.

Even if you get older, it’s positive to be able to laugh about life’s twists and turns! It shows a sense of humor and handling problems well!

To avoid hurting someone’s feelings, teasing should always be dealt with delicately, because as you well know, you don’t want to upset anyone, least alone on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Funny

Happy Birthday Funny

Happy Birthday Funny

I saw the date and remembered it was your birthday! I nearly fainted when I thought about when you were born! You’re an ageless wonder!

Thank you, friend, for blessing me with the distinction of being one of the youngest people in the room today!
You’ve been born on a day every year that brings great joy! Something’s better than nothing!

May you never be bored or out of money, because it’s time to celebrate! Um, you’ve got a bottle of wine. Well, you’re certainly aging, aren’t you? Congratulations!

May a million wishes for your birthday come true, friend! It’ll be the perfect fit for you!
I’d be speechless if I tried to speak out the number of years you’ve lived through today! Hope you have a wonderful day, buddy!
I’m so glad you’re celebrating your birthday! You were taught the ancient methods! I really appreciate all your help with the pyramids!

An amazing person whom I can never forget celebrates his birthday today! For the most part, because you’re the grayest person in the room!

You should be grateful today, pal! You don’t have to paint in a cave if you use a canvas! You could ache a little more on this date, pal. That’s because you’re a senior citizen!

It’s simple to remember you today, friend! The sheer amount of years you’ve lived is incredible!

Don’t worry me, friend, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same thing: calling you youthful is a mistake! A huge blunder!

Thanks to a friend who can tell me about the days when bread cost five cents!

I’m here to help you remember all the important stuff! Something like ‘save money for retirement,’ which will stick with me.
So listen, friend, some folks are just crazy about aging! Me! How long have you been alive?

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Today, good buddy, thank your lucky stars, not your birth date. There’s no time for that! Friend, you embody a saying for me. If I were to describe you in one word, I’d say, long in the tooth.

Friend, it’s time you heard the truth about yourself! An ancient geezer! I’m so glad you’re celebrating your birthday! To me, age isn’t a significant thing. I’m just out of my teens!

I’m so glad you’re celebrating your birthday! You are dear to me, so you’re ancient!

how are you, my darling friend? Don’t feel bad about how old you are. I’ll blow out your candles and make you feel like a child again.

We have remained loyal to each other no matter what happens. For all these years, we’ve been there for each other, and we’re two girls who are always better together than apart. Doesn’t that mean something? That’s nice, darling.

What? How old are you? Damn, it’s nearly an eternity in dog years. I’m so pleased we came together while we were young. How long has it been since we saw one other? Write to me soon.

Hello, good friend! It’s really unfair that you get more wishes than me from those egotistical creeps on social media who think of themselves as your friends.

My present got caught up in the postal system, and I was told I weighed too much, so here I am.

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

Being fortunate enough to have a smart, humorous, and wonderful person as a best friend is a gift in and of itself. You are quite fortunate, my dear sir! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, buddy!

I know that everyone in this room is very impressed that I finally wrote something personal to someone in the class. My apologies for everyone who is bored as usual.

However, I’d like to commemorate the occasion of me actually having an honest-to-goodness personal connection with someone by speaking for a bit about this special friend of mine,

One who reminds me of myself in a myriad of ways, like her gift for making friends and her natural flair for entertaining. I can’t believe we are so alike and still can’t understand why we get along so well!

I hope your birthday is as good as it could be!

You, my dear friend, deserve an equally quirky and amusing birthday!

I wish you a day that is filled with fun, heartwarming, and unforgettable moments!

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

In no time, your hair will start coming out, which means you’ll have to get a wig. Stop being concerned about it.

I wish you the best on your birthday, and many happy years to come!

You’re fortunate to have me as a buddy! Hey, happy birthday!

I wonder often about how I earned a buddy like you, and what I did to deserve it.

My belief is that I must have done something so horrible in a prior life that I

Hey, what are you upset about? It was just a joke, my friend!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Some of the many things that you may look forward to in your best friend are loyalty, trust, and a shared sense of humor. Because you are so fortunate to have all that and more, you’re really blessed to have me!

Wow, congratulations on your birthday!

For my closest buddy, whose existence has been timeless, I’m sending out many heartfelt wishes today on their birthday.

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I know how fortunate you are to have had a lifelong buddy like me, since childhood friends are invaluable.

Sooner than you think, there will be no point in colouring your hair; it’s all going to start falling out and then you will have to buy a wig anyway. So stop worrying about the inevitable.

I wish you a spectacular and funny birthday and many more amazing days to come, dear friend!

Today is my brother’s birthday, therefore I want to wish him well!

Though we are not connected by blood, you’re still one of my closest friends!

May your life be excellent, brother, and have an incredible birthday!

I wonder often about how I earned a buddy like you, and what I did to deserve it.

My belief is that I must have done something so horrible in a prior life that I

Hey, what are you upset about? It was just a joke, my friend!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

For my closest buddy, whose existence has been timeless, I’m sending out many heartfelt wishes today on their birthday.

I know how fortunate you are to have had a lifelong buddy like me, since childhood friends are invaluable.

Hey pal, happy birthday!

How amazing to have such a true friend! Geez, who would want to be friends with me now that they know my weird idiosyncrasies? Well, maybe you’re the crazy one!

This year, I hope your day is the best one you’ve ever had, buddy!

Happy Birthday Funny Sms

Happy Birthday Funny Sms

Happy Birthday Funny Sms

Once in a lifetime, you’ll have friends like you. Even though you’re older, you’ve still lived multiple lives.

I would be loaded if I had one dollar for every year of your life. Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time. A suggestion:

Do not light a candle for each year of your life, as this may pose a hazard. That would be really dangerous! Your hearing is not what it used to be, but you still know how to fill in the blanks with your speech.

It seems like you’re aging much faster than I am, even though we’re doing it together. When you think about it, being lukewarm seems boring, since nothing’s very special about you.

Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Even if you never obtain all you’ve ever wanted, you still have me.

Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time. More Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Partner

You’re still in style, so calm down. Being young is a total bore. Remember when we were certain that we would never age? Certainly not.

You’ve becoming very forgetful lately. You will still drive me insane even if you have to hand in your license when you’re old. Even though those who lived recklessly die early, you lived as if your life were in slow motion.

Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time. I originally planned to get you a pricey present, but my friendship is enough.

Forty is the young adulthood cutoff; fifty is the old cutoff. Studies have proven that most of our physical strength is exhausted by age 25, hum?

If you are cheese, you don’t care about how long you age.

Enjoy your day! Birthday wishes! Though you aren’t quite finished, you’ve already hit your peak, so savor the view!

Wishing you many happy returns on your special day! You are located on the downslope of the hill, and you have an increased velocity.

Congrats on another year of life! Old age is indicated by a lack of laughter, so always live each moment to the fullest.

Got any extra lemons on hand? Let’s party with vodka tonight, as I will bring it. I’m thinking of you on your special day!

May you experience today as the beginning of a brand new day, full of excitement and practical jokes.

Happy Mid-life Crisis!” Is a more appropriate toast for your birthday.

That’s much better. Enjoy your day! Age doesn’t matter as long as you don’t mind because mind over matter proves that it doesn’t.

I’m in a different place, physically and emotionally, than I was a year ago.

Enjoy your day! Have some tequila and a lemon slice ready to celebrate whatever birthday you have.

Funny Paragraphs

Better to be at the top of the hill than the bottom. Enjoy your day! Soul Mates Hilarious Birthday Greetings

I’m reminded of boogers whenever it’s my birthday the more of them you have, the harder it is to breathe.

When you look fifty at sixty, that’s terrific, but when you’re just forty, that’s awful. That’s unfortunate. Are you going to light your birthday candles soon?

Do you want me to get the fire department? Enjoy your day!

Is it becoming a little warm in here? It’s your birthday candles, that’s all. I’m thinking of you on your special day!

It’s your birthday, so grin while you can — before your teeth fall out!

Now imagine if you had to wait another 10 years. My teases of your age will never leave you alone.

Have a fantastic day! Do you recall the days when you were strong, fit, and full of vigor? On a side note, happy birthday! We should mark the good news of your age!

Enjoy your day! Even if you think the glass is half empty, or half full, it is quite acceptable

Celebrate your birthday with a drink. Againg shouldn’t be gloomy; rather, think of it as getting priority seating on the bus.

Aging shouldn’t concern you since you’ll be older still next year! More Fantastic Birthday Wishes

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Wow, the years have really done a number on you! Enjoy your day! Birthday overkill is now a documented threat to your life. There’s 364 days in a year that are just as challenging as birthdays.

Enjoy your day! If you want to be remembered, stop paying your bills for a year!

Birthday enlightenment: never take both a laxative and a sleeping medication in the same night.

Enjoy your day! You at least have the advantage of being younger than you will be next year. Enjoy your day! These days, you’re as old as you look.

Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time. I think you should give me a present for being such a good buddy.

Don’t let your age bother you. Picture all the great deals you’ll get.

Oh, man, you look amazing for your age! Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time.

You can still live out your aspirations, even if you’re in your 40s. You’re a stripper, not a grandma. It’s a really dangerous idea to get drunk on your birthday this year.

Your liver has outlived its usefulness. I wanted to take you dancing, even though you’re getting older, but the clubs won’t open up before you go to bed.

Your main interest in your birthday these days is due to the cake.

Cake! If kind people die early, then you must be a truly terrible individual.

Your impressive mental faculties are clearly the result of rigorous mental exercise.

You had imagined that you would be rich by this point in your life.

You can always count on me. So, were you a youngster when the wheel was invented?

Today’s your special day, so I hope you’re having a wonderful time.

One thing is certain: roses are red, and the sky is blue.

Despite your age and lost creativity, I’ll always be fond of you. It’s a wonderful day for you, but don’t break the law.

People like you end up in prison and are bullied. How many years of lying about your age have you accumulated? This association exists between aging and age-fabrication: how many years of deception have you accumulated?

Short  Birthday Funny Wishes

Short  Birthday Funny Wishes

Short  Birthday Funny Wishes

I am so fortunate to know the most brilliant, beautiful, and successful person on the planet! Happy Birthday to you! Do you know if you’ve met any of my other buddies yet?

You’re going to have a bright future if you’ve lived a well-rounded existence. Looks good on you! Many happy returns for your birthday!

When you’re told that getting old is bad, consider that staying young is an equally bad option. Enjoy many happy birthdays!
It’s your birthday, so make sure to celebrate and know that you’re only as old as you feel.

Look! I’ve arranged an amazing birthday present for you, and it’s on its way. Is that some sort of free health screening???
When it’s your birthday, you should set aside some time to relax and have some fun. Seriously… Take care of that old body!

Birthdays make us think about our family, friends, and above all, cake!

If you were older, you wouldn’t have any reason to be upset. You certainly don’t recall it! Best wishes on your special day!

Remember on your birthday that it is better to have kind words and support than gifts. This is from me: a very Happy Birthday!

Older people who have had success in life deserve the same kind of treatment everyone else gets. Enjoy your birthday, regardless!

It’s like having a bank account: birthdays. Worrying about them detracts from the fun you’ll have. Have fun!
It is not shameful to get older. Remember, you’ll need that to find your car if you forget where you left it.

I believe it’s your birthday today. My friend, every year that goes by makes you smarter.
We hope you get even more birthdays in the future. Hope you like it.

May the magnificent day that you’ve blessed us with inspire you to succeed in whatever you do. I wish you a joyful and beautiful day. You’re a real joy to be around, and we’re glad you came into our life.

I hope that every wish comes true on your birthday. I wish you a happy and joyful day. Hooray, it’s your birthday!

You’re one year older! It’s great to see you celebrate another great year in your life. I’m wishing you a great day and giving you a warm hug for the special day.

Celebrate your special day by taking it easy and relaxing. Even though I can’t be there to wish you a happy birthday, you are still on my mind.

Get out the party hats! You’re enjoying yourself as you celebrate your birthday, and I’m hoping that it’s one of the best days of your life.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Set the cake and fire extinguisher on the table, and get ready to enjoy some music!
It’s time to party because we’re one year older. Retirement looms for you, old buddy.

I decided to send you something special for your birthday, but I was not authorized to mail myself.

I think about you every day, but today especially because it’s your birthday. Even if I’m not with you, I’ll never forget it.

I hope you reach all of your aspirations and wishes today. I hope you have a wonderful day!

You’re one year older! I’m wishing it’s full of joy and abundant love.

Celebrating your birthday is a good excuse to enjoy the fact that you’re in our life. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

I know you understand how much your visit makes me happy. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, my good friend.

Nothing can compare to your gift to me, which is you.

Your birthday comes only once a year, so make sure to celebrate, laugh, dance, and cheer!

I know it’s impossible for me to be with you in person today, but you will always be in my heart. It’s on your wonderful birthday.

The glow you are feeling right now is because of your birthday. Blow out all of these candles before the room becomes too bright!

I hope that all of your wishes come true on your birthday.

I’m very sad that I won’t be able to celebrate your birthday with you, but I promise to be thinking of you in the meantime.

I’m here to celebrate your birthday with greetings of love and affection that help brighten your day. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

Today you begin a new life; with new opportunities for success, and the path will be paved by your own actions. Cheers to You!

You are one of a kind. I know about your blessings, your course, your bravery, and the way you live now. Have a great birthday!

As you add a year to your life, your past, disappointments, and mistakes all go. Happy birthday on the new life of success, blessings, and greatness that you’ve earned.

It’s time to go all out for your birthday, which is a time to rejoice and to look forward to an incredible future. May you have more good fortune on your birthday.

Celebrate a memorable birthday with the most exceptional, brilliant, and charming boss ever.

A new year is a terrific opportunity to put an end to mediocrity. Happy New Year!

Here are some nosegays of my finest blooms, smelling like the warmth of your devotion. I’m celebrating with you.
I hope you have frequent dreams, plan things, and realize your greatest ambitions. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

When you celebrate a new day, may you see all the beauty in life, be able to love even more, be eternally thankful, and always be joyful.

In fact, your birthday is a perfect opportunity to let everyone know how much you care about them. I wish the same to you.

You are such a dear friend that I wanted to be here on your birthday to wish you well. I hope this celebration brings you joy and happiness.

It reminds me of our friendship’s strength every year when your birthday comes along. You must get what you’ve always wanted to be a reality. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

I want you to have a great birthday, filled of fun and excitement.

Let the world know about the good things in your life: Have fun, spread love, and be happy!

I hope your dreams come true and that your wishes will be granted so that you can ride your way into a brighter future of stardom.

Let the day you were born be marked by something that enriches your life and that means a lot to you.
It’s a party where you get to celebrate your life, love, and laughter! To celebrate, I bought a cake!

You are an incredible person because you provide immense value into the lives of others on a daily basis rather than just celebrating you once a year. Enjoy your special day.

Missing You Poetry

True friends understand your history, see your shortcomings, recognize your differences, and still trust in your dreams. For your birthday, sweetie, I have something really special to tell you.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and that all your dreams come true.

I hope that when you celebrate your birthday, you find that you have many blessings, including all the things you’ve wanted in love and happiness.

Be happy! Life is wonderful, so dance, sing, and celebrate with friends. To celebrate, I bought a cake!
Celebrate your newest family member with a fresh, new radiance.

When you are done having the cake and lighting the candles, make sure to hold on to the fire extinguisher until you are done.

I’m happy to be a part of your incredible life on this special day. I hope you’ll have an incredible new life.

I want to thank God for the two incredible gifts He gave me: you and today, when we celebrate your love, life, joy, accomplishments, and being in the world. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

Today may it be filled with a wealth of delightful memories, glittering with affection, glowing with smiles, and radiating with warmth.

On this day of celebration, may you have new vigor in your life with bursts of laughter and overflowing affection; I want you to have all of your aspirations come true.

The feelings we had before seem to come back with such clarity as today, a holiday, brings fresh significance to our connection. May your ventures yield their intended results.

May the Lord shower you with His favor, grace, and blessings, and may your laughter continue forever. It’s a blessing to have you as a friend and I want for both your future and today to be great. Enjoy your special day.

Happy birthday! You’ve lived a full life, filled with the excitement of friends and the love of family, and that’s why we celebrate!

More important than a beautiful diamond, unshakable like a devoted Christian, and blessed like a cherished child, you are an invaluable gift. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

On this wonderful day, when memories of laughter and love are fresh, take a chance to enrich your life with happiness.
Happy birthday!

I am very thankful that you are alive and breathing on this new day. To celebrate, I bought a cake!

You’re so dear to me, my buddy, and so I’m sending you wishes on your birthday, praying that you’ll live a long, full life.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Dear Friend, in your birthday present of knowing all of my shortcomings and being able to withhold judgment on me, I am deeply thankful.

I know how much you love desserts, so I got you a delicious treat that’s free of gluten, has zero calories, and is very irresistible. Birthday wishes that are funny and light.

Celebrate on your birthday with a party! Any night you want to get drunk and forget, you know you can rely on me.

Cheers, my friend! I will always be your BFF with white lies, no matter how old you get.

My idea of a perfect birthday is having family, friends, and drink all in one place. Enjoy!
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To celebrate your birthday, I bought you an ice cream cake. Smile for now, but you’ll pay for the debt you owe in a mental asylum when I’ve gathered enough evidence.

Your birthday is today! Take note that birthday celebrations have proven beneficial to a person’s health, and those who get to celebrate more birthdays tend to live longer. Have a happy birthday.

Enjoy your genius-filled day! More than adequate time, and yet another year, and you’ve done nothing to improve your intelligence.

On your birthday, my love. It is impossible to stop someone from giving you your favorite things to eat when they are sitting right in front of you.

You’ve been blessed with a fat-free birthday this year, so go crazy with your cake.

My buddy, I’m wishing you a great day today! Unless you plan on taking out the candles yourself, I will be contacting the fire department.
You are one year older today. Best of luck! You should make an effort to remember your car keys.

My capacity to retain the precise dates for each of the past years in our history classes is something you’re familiar with.

Let me guess, your birthday is in the past, therefore I wasn’t able to recall it. Some late, unadorned birthday wishes that happened to have an apology wrapped around them!

Celebrating your birthday so many times will bring you closer to death. You got one not long ago, only last year. You must keep safe because of our well-supported scientific findings. You’re the best!

It’s your birthday today, friend. I hope you can love cake even if it doesn’t have any teeth. Sending my friend an early birthday greeting! Today you turned 30, yet you still look 20, so you must be thrilled.

Although you’re a year older today, I’m not going to bring it up. I’ll give you a slice of my cake. On your birthday, I will keep your age number a secret, but you should blow the numbers 2 and 8 out of your cake to maintain them.

Being young and energetic is pretty great. Have you ever thought about how it felt before?

You’d better not be slacking off while blowing out the candles or I will blow them out again. You’re another year older. I assume your other bodily parts are in pain.

What would you like to hear on your birthday? What things do you wish for? Those are the questions I ask myself when I think about giving a gift.

Go ahead and be delighted with the belief that I did all of that to you! Say hi to Mom for me!
This year, I baked you a cake for your birthday.

It will be good and exactly as you like it. Unfortunately, I found no area with adequate lighting. That reminded me: Oh! The age at which you’ll retire.

Nature has informed us that every birthday must be followed by more cake. So get out of the way and let me eat your birthday cake! Did you want your share as well?

Let’s not beat around the bush; let’s get to the facts. It ages but doesn’t get better. A happy birthday to you! Did I make you remember? However, you are unique.

Today, I am giving you permission to decorate your birthday cake with candles. Don’t be concerned since I have already alerted the local fire department.

We’re happy to see you’ve made it another year with your math class. You can do it!

But I notice you’ve never become any older, despite the passing of time. Here’s to your wonderful life and many more wonderful birthdays to come.

I hope you take a serious oath to perform some physical activity, and not do what I saw you do: walk up the stairs and call it exercise.
You look absolutely fantastic today, and I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. And that’s just because I don’t use mirrors today’s your birthday.

Something’s different about you today. That may be because of your attractiveness, your weight loss, or your new haircut. But unfortunately! Then I find out, you are a year older.

To celebrate your birthday, I put effort into searching for strong adjectives such as astounding, incredible, amazing, wonderful, and gorgeous.

But regardless, I’m certain that I do not waste anything by thinking. So I have parted ways with the company! So how’s it going?

I hope every desire you have becomes fulfilled! However, it will be quite hard for me to come up with a suggestion for you next year. Happy Birthday, since I know you’ll be alive and healthy for the next year!

To celebrate, I bought a cake! Congratulations on your special day!

To celebrate, I bought a cake! Congratulations on your special day! I’d love to give you a present, therefore I’ve wrapped myself up as your birthday present.

Each birthday is a fantastic life event that I’d like to remember, but when I’m hungover, it becomes impossible.

May you have many blessings! For every pound you acquire, you will obtain one extra year of life.

Even on the day you were born, your mother couldn’t even give you the chance to flee the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Even though you’re over forty years old, you can still be a president, because you’re smart like Barack Obama, you’re good looking like George Bush, and you follow the teachings of Bill Clinton. So here’s to wishing you a great life!

To make sure you’ll be able to celebrate for years to come, I’ve sent you a chauffeur who won’t drink. Cheers!

They should make a cake with a liquor bottle inside of it for your celebration. That way, I can inherit more money and a longer life.

You mean the world to me. I love you so much that if I had a job, I would have gotten you something nice. To celebrate, I bought a cake! It’s all about you today, sweetheart!

To celebrate, I bought a cake! Today is all about honesty, my friend! I’m glad to hear that because this should be the last present I get you, so it’s a great way to commemorate our friendship.

It’s your birthday, and I want you to know how much I love you. May the IRS audit you after your bank account rapidly grows.

On your special day, I hope you are gifted with dilemmas like what to do with your yacht when it’s time to park it.

Grow old enough that you are mistaken for a tree, because you don’t deserve any better. Happy birthday, buddy!

My best friend! You have the greatest day! My life cast me an amazing supporting character.

May life pay you the same as Floyd Mayweather when it is time to pay your bills because you’ve fought so many battles.

It looked like you’d need me even more in the future, but it appears that you need me now as well.

If sports were a competition of life, you would be the number one winner. Well, happy birthday! And you look forward to many more, my friend.

Buddy, despite having zero outstanding skills, special talents, or brilliant brains, I still believe you can have a great life.

When I go to the gym, I use you as an example of what happens when I don’t put my all into exercising. Happy birthday, dear friend!

congratulations on your promotion

Dance the night away, sweetie! Let’s get the party started, babe! I would be so lucky if, when you were dying, they preserved your brain so that you could go on as a robot long after you died.

Men don’t cry when exchanging gifts on certain occasions, but I have to cry when I give you this present because it cost me so much.

We might have our annual big party and celebrate your birthday by getting very drunk as usual. But this year, I’d like you to think on the finer things in life while I’m at the club, and then tell me about them when I get back.

May you get old and forget the money I owe you. Today would have been an ideal day to compliment the amazing and remarkable person that I consider to be the greatest,

most unique, and most special of all my friends, but I finished writing my autobiography last month. And I’ve always imagined if life were like a soccer game, I’d be the multimillion-dollar striker.

And you’d be the devoted water boy who gets to wave to me from the sidelines after each great game. Wishing you success, my darling friend!

To avoid being perceived as egotistical, I chose to give you my life-sized portrait instead of wrapping myself up as a birthday present.

May your children adore you as much as you love having them! Get really upset and sulk. Have a wonderful birthday, girl!
Scowl like it’s your very existence. Girl, you are totally sixteen! Wowsers!

Losing you feels like sitting through a sitcom without any laugh track. Today’s your special day, my sweet friend. Age gracefully and carry on the bravery and agility of a Kung Fu master.

You are living proof that it’s possible to still be content, even though, by virtue of your age, you should already be.

Wishing you well in the future; may your life be so full of gold that everything you touch turns to it.

May your remaining days be filled with grace to allow you to bestow all of your earthly belongings to me, your closest friend, when you pass away.

For you on this special occasion, God has blessed you with good health, good friends, and drink that doesn’t make you age. Best wishes to you.

Your life will be given one extra day for every hair that falls out of your head.

Last year, when I wished you a long life, I didn’t realize you’d get so old so quickly! I apologize.

It always strikes me as funny that people think I must be gay since I’m close friends with a girl, and they don’t know you like I do.

Best of luck! I hope you wind up an ancient person who is so wrinkled and withered that the only company you keep are robots.

I’ve realized over time that I enjoy little things more each day, and this is why we are closer than we’ve ever been.

The tortoise should be the emblem of your birthday since turkeys are the symbol of Thanksgiving and rabbits are the symbol of Easter. Oh, how time flies! Today, I send my warmest wishes to my ancient wizened chum.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male

Happy birthday forever to my pal. On this beautiful day, I wish you great joy, laughter and love. Enjoy, your day! Enjoy!

Send my best greetings to my beast. May you receive the pleasure and success you deserve in the world!

I’m extremely fortunate to find your best buddy. You are the greatest motivation of my life. Would you like to celebrate your finest birthday and a fantastic future.

Happy-Birthday-Best-Friend Blessed is my cherished best friend’s birthday. May you enjoy all the experience that awaits you, love loads.

You are, without a question, one of the most incredible beings in the world, and I wish you nothing but the best. I love you so much. I love you so much. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

May we continue to jam and glam together, forever. Happy birthday, good friend. Happy birthday.

Blessed birthday, beautiful fella. May God lead you and save you from all danger. Have a lovely birthday, another mother’s my fabulous brother.

Congratulations on the elderly age. Enjoy as much as you can because these days will never return.

Happy lifeline birthday. Happy birthday. May God bless you. May God bless you.

A lot of pleasant day returns, bestie. Have this lovely day and bid goodbye to a significant future.

Happy another mother’s birthday brother! I wish that God will bless you with plenty of joy, love, joy, and prosperity. Brighter than last year, shine brighter. Much love, dear best friend.

Dear best friend, thank you for keeping me safe and all super light. May we stay fine, adore you. Happy xoxo birthday

Happy birthday, my beautiful friend. In my life you have come as a delight, and your friendship is in my heart a harmony. May your life be full with love!

Dear beast! Dear beast! Today is nothing but for me for the other people, it is very essential today. Because your birthday is today. Happy birthday and wish you a happy life in the future!

Today, on this birthday, I thought about what gift I would choose for you. One thought pops into my mind at that moment. It’s a birthday message to you. Happy Birthday, BFF! Happy Birthday!

I’m more proud than ever to have a good buddy like you. Stay with me forever, please! Wishing you a very happy birthday and a lot of joyful day back!

Nobody is so near to me instead of you. You’re my best friend of man ever! I hope you have a wonderful day! Want a joyful life for you!

Dear friend! Dear friend! Can you have all the delight your heart can enjoy? I want your life would be full with joy. My lovely best friend, Happy Birthday!

Like this, I would like to celebrate thousand birthdays of you. I am grateful to God for sending an angel on earth on this day, who is my best friend! Happy birthday, dear. Happy birthday, dear.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

Wish the important person in my life whose presence magnifies my happiness and doubles my joy. May you have a wonderful birthday night!

Let me remind you on the special Birthday celebration that you bring my life plenty of joy and pleasure. My good friend’s happy birthday.

On your special day, send out all the love, hugs, candy and cake. May you enjoy your birthday to the full, and with times ahead your life will be brighter! Enjoy your special day.

Thank you very much for being my safe house. May Almighty bless you and let me keep treasuring you. Love you. Love you.

Happiest birthday to my fun, insane and fabulous girl. I hope that you’ve got a fantastic day and a glamorous year. Love you heaps. Love you tons.

Today is the youngest you will ever be, so embrace how no tomorrow is. May your grin continue to shine. I adore you so much; a lot of wonderful daytime returns.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. May you never change and continue to expand your positivity. Happy birthday, love. Happy birthday.

Happy my bestial birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you very much for being such a fantastic buddy. I can’t wait for your day to rejoice.

Happy birthday from another mother to my sister. Thank you for improving as you get older. Keep thriving, sweetheart. Keep thriving. Love you heaps. Love you tons.

You’re some deity? Are you a deity? Because you never get older! Dang woman. Dang woman. I hope you’ve got an insane day, my beast. Love you. Love you.

You’re everyone’s best buddy, so thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for staying thick and thin by my side. Many joyful day returns.

The one who stands for you when nobody does. A loyal friend. Happy birthday to the loyal friend. Happy birthday. May God bless you! May God bless you!

I want your birthday will be every day, so that your age will grow everyday and you will soon die. But, sadly, this will not happen. So, dear friend of a happy birthday, only once a year!

On your birthday, don’t be overly cheerful. Just remember that another year has gone by, and you only earned an extra number for your age. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

It’s a blessing to have a friend like you. You are the most beautiful person I ever knew. Let’s make you a terrific birthday to remember!

Not only a number to commemorate birthdays. It’s an indication that every year you mature, and so is our connection. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

One of the numerous reasons for celebration on this great day is that each year you become more gorgeous. My lovely friend’s happy birthday.

Time passes, beautiful faces disappear, but a beautiful heart only becomes more lovely. Happy birthday, my dear. Happy birthday! You are one of those who have a lovely heart.

Hey, your life has added another year. Well, it’s not being considered older; it’s growing better. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Whatever your age, when you became lucky 13, you should be excited. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Let’s greet your new face wrinkles, another set of gray hair on your head, and expose the new year of your life. Happy birthday. Happy birthday

Dear! I’ll give you advise on your birthday. From now on, please grin by revealing your teeth as much as possible. Because you don’t have teeth for exhibiting after a few years. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Be alert! Be alert! Your true age can leak birthdays. So wear fewer candles and spend more money on your cake. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

It doesn’t fit you to celebrate birthdays like children. Women should celebrate their marriage rituals at your age. Happy birthday, anyway!

If you do a slightly small makeup, you can actually save a birthday party some extra money. Happy birthday to you.

You smile because this is your birthday! You smile! We smile because you get older and fatter. Happy birthday dear friend! Happy birthday dear friend!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Enjoy a happy and healthy life and never cease lying about your age, of course. Because you’re not growing younger, after all!

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