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101+ Happy Birthday Aunt Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Images

by Abigail Ademu
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Happy Birthday Aunt: As your beloved Aunt gets ready to celebrate her birthday, give her the perfect Happy Birthday message to mark the day. Nothing could be more exciting than sending a happy birthday card and receiving an unexpected card in the mail from someone special. Your Aunty is sure to be thrilled by your gift – and she will love the happy feeling that comes with receiving a card on her birthday. No one in your life has ever been a better role model, or mentor, so give this an amazing birthday that celebrates everything she has taught you.

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By finding the perfect happy birthday auntie messages in variety, you will be able to create this a special day full of wonderful memories for your sweetheart.

Enjoy the collection of happy birthday aunt images, wishes and quotes on her special day.

happy birthday aunt images

Best Happy Birthday Aunt Messages List

My amazing aunt! You are so sweet! I deserve to treat you to a day of cake, presents and all your favorite people. Happy Birthday.

You want a Birthday message Aunts that speak for themselves, only you can make her day special. She is important to you and you are important to her.

My beloved aunt, You have always been there for me when I needed you, so today I want your congratulations on being the day of my birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Thank you! God bless you with many more years.

Aunt, you are my best friend, I will never forget the moment we shared, and your that always makes time for me. Now that you are turning years, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Many congratulations to you for another year aunt!

Aunt dear, I’d like to use this space to remind my family that every year that you meet me is more beautiful and that each year that you meet me, my heart loves you more.<strong>Happy Birthday Aunt!

Did you really think that I would forget about this particular day?” No, I was not expecting this day. As with everything else in life, I didn’t want to miss out on your happiness today. I hope you have a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Aunt!

A birthday for someone as special as yourself is a great gift. Happy Birthday Auntie!

My dear aunt, Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day!

You have been a part of my life for so many years. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Cool Aunt!

You are always there to save the day! We’ve done it all for you this time. Happy Birthday Aunty!

Mom and Dad may have given me my brains, looks, and charm, but my charm and sense for humor are all yours! Happy Birthday to my best aunt

180+ Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes, Wishes & Images

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Aunt.

Happy Birthday! To an auntie who is smart, funny and beautiful… I wish I could be like you when I grow up!

My warm and caring aunt, your smile brightens our day! To you, I wish lots of laughter and all your dreams to come true.

My Aunt, even though I won’t be able to visit you today, I will think of you every day. I wish you a very special birthday!

Warm thoughts, happy times and pleasant memories to you! Happy Birthday Auntie.

I am reminded of how similar we are by stories from our youth. Happy Birthday Auntie!

For having such a caring aunt, I am the luckiest person on the planet! This wonderful day will bring you all your hopes and dreams!

There are many wonderful women in my life but you are the best. Thank you for all your efforts. Happy Birthday!

Dads and moms are there to support and love you. Aunts are the ones who enjoy some of our most memorable adventures. We wish you the best Auntie!

Although we don’t have the option to choose our families, I would choose you as my aunt if I could. Thank you for being so amazing!

It’s a wonderful day, because it allows us to remember you and all that you mean to us. We wish you a wonderful birthday. You are a fantastic aunty and friend.

Although we may not see each other every single day, we sure have fun when we do! We look forward to many more adventures, good times and great memories in the future. My favorite aunt, Happy Birthday Aunt!

Happy Birthday Aunt Messages

Happy Birthday Aunt Messages

Lovely Happy Birthday To My Aunt

We wish you a wonderful birthday, my amazing, funny, smart, and super awesome auntie!

My dear aunt, you are a true blessing in my life. We are so grateful for your love, support, and encouragement.

My aunt is always there for me when I need a mom or a bestie. Happy Birthday AUNT!

It’s your birthday! This is the perfect excuse to go shopping, get pedicures, and enjoy wine! Happy Birthday Auntie!

Happy Birthday Auntie! Thank you for all the great memories and fun times we shared over the years. Happy Birthday!

I will never forget the fun we had when I was younger. Your smile always brings a smile on my face! Happy Birthday Auntie!

You look amazing twenty years later. Happy Birthday Auntie!

My lovely aunt, happy birthday! Your age is the family’s most secret… but we are safe!

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Aunt Wishes

Happy Birthday to my wonderful aunt! You have been an integral part of my life for so many years. I wish you all the happiness and love in the world.

Thank you for showing me how to be myself. My life has been enriched by your role as a strong role model. The world would be full of more gentlemen if more men had aunts like yours. Happy Birthday Auntie

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Thank you for your advice and support on the more difficult aspects of my life. Your support is always there for me when I need it. My happiest memories are of late night therapy sessions with you and ice cream binges together. To an aunt who is truly loved, happy birthday aunt!

When I think about you, I remember your warm hugs and bright smile. You always make our day better when we are together. Today is your day so get ready to be spoilt. We love you Auntie! Happy Birthday!

Your support has been like a second mother to me. I will never forget your strong influence. All your dreams will come true today, my dear! Your adoring niece

You have been an incredible role model and best friend. Thank you for being my biggest advocate and having my back! All the best Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my Aunt! This special day, I want you to remember how much we love you.

You are so important to me. You are an amazing person and the perfect aunt.

My amazing Aunt, happy birthday! I am so grateful to you for being such a great friend and source of inspiration. Your day will bring you joy.

Dear Aunt, Believe it or not, I think about you often and what you mean to my family. Your contribution to our lives has been significant. I will always be grateful for your kindness. Happy Birthday

You have shown me how strong the bond between aunt and niece/nephew is. I owe you a debt. You are always there for me and I wish I could return the favor. Happy Birthday Aunt!

Dear Auntie: I might have inherited my mother’s charm and my fathers’ brains. But, thanks to you, I’ve learned the incredible ability to make the most of what I have. Happy Birthday

You were a special person in my life. You are amazing, from your infectious smile to your sparkling eyes. You are my Auntie, I love you so very much!

You are an incredible woman and have been a role model for me. All my best to you on your special day.

Your presence has been so important in my life, I’m not sure if you should be called my parent or my best friend. Auntie, I wish that our friendship will continue for all eternity. I wish you the most wonderful birthday! You are my best friend!

Although you are not my mom, I have been able to rely on you for the support and love that a mother deserves. You have been my friend and held me close during this difficult time. You are my best aunt. Happy Birthday!

Did I ever tell you that you are like a second mother to me? I am grateful for your support and advice. You deserve to be lavished with love and gifts on your special day. Happy Birthday Aunt.

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Thank you for being an innovator and rule-breaker. I learned from you how to live my life to its fullest and dream bigger dreams. Happy Birthday Auntie!

Happy Birthday Aunt Funny

Dear Aunt: You might be a bit crazy but you are my kind of crazy! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my aunt, who gave me everything I didn’t ask for! It’s a great gift!

Dad – All the corny jokes + tons of style = formula for the perfect aunt.

I think you are so cool that you can even be related to my dad/mum! You must adopt one of you. Cool Aunt, Happy Birthday

Auntie, you are so amazing, I wish that I had known you more when I was younger. Today is your special day! Let’s celebrate like children!

Happy Birthday Auntie Your favorite niece/nephew It’s fine, it’s not necessary to tell others …).

Crazy isn’t just a running thing in our family. It also gallops! My wild auntie, happy birthday

Dear Aunt, If life were a Mario Kart game, you would be my blue Shell. Thank you for adding excitement and adventure into my life. Happy Birthday

Mom – All the Nagging + Tons Of Style = Recipe for the Perfect Aunt.

Dear Aunt, I appreciate your telling me the embarrassing stories about my parents. You can write me a novel some day. We look forward to many more years filled with your brilliant wit.

Just a reminder to you on your birthday: As my favorite aunt, it’s your responsibility to spoil me. That’s all I’m trying to say. Happy Birthday Auntie

You are one year older than you were last year, which means that you are one year closer to becoming a crazy cat lady. How many cats are you currently keeping? You may already be there. Happy Birthday Aunt! You are a treasure!

I hope you have one of the most exciting, wildest, and funniest birthday parties you’ve ever attended. It should be full of happiness and plenty of wine.

Dear Auntie: Thank you for being my Yoda to Luke.

Auntie was the one to say YES when mommy said NO. Thank you for always being there. You are the best friend I could have! Happy Birthday Auntie

It makes me smile every time people tell me we are sisters. Happy Birthday Auntie!

Your mom may think you are a bad influence, such as when we get in trouble. You are the best influence I could have, I know this. Thank you for being my partner in crime.

Many thanks for taking care of me over the years. I will take care of you when you are old and frail, but don’t be discouraged! Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Aunt Images

happy birthday aunt images

Happy Birthday To My Aunt

happy birthday aunt

heartfelt happy birthday aunt

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Aunt

inspirational birthday message for aunt

Inspirational Birthday Message For Aunt

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