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Calming Good Night Prayer For My Loved Ones Friends And Family

by Thomas Bradson
Good Night Prayer

Good Night Prayer – You can choose to say this good night prayer to yourself or rather send them to your loved ones, family or friends. This collection has some of the best good night prayer for him, good night prayer for her, good night prayer for friend, good night prayer for family and good night prayer for husband or wife.

Good Night Prayer

Calming Good Night Prayer For My Loved Ones Friends And Family

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Good Night Prayer

May it be well with you all through the night. And may the Lord keep you secured like Zion’s mount in Jesus’ name. Amen…

This is my prayer for you, that as you resort to bed, may the Lord hide you under His wings and renew your strength as you rise. Goodnight, dear.

My king I pray for God’s protection in your life. I pray that the rest of your life will be the best of your life my lover.

I pray that as you drift away into satisfying sleep tonight that God will remind you of how much you mean to him and to me.

In the name of God, your dreams will come true; you will be an inspiration to others. Good night my love and sweet dreams.

Everything Jehovah does is pleasant to us. It is with a heart of gratitude that I request his loving presence to guide you in your sleep. May you wake up stronger and healthier. Amen.

As you sleep remember that you have been forgiven and thank God for forgiving you even before you committed any of the mistakes you committed today. Good night beloved.

He keepeth in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on him”. As you keep your mind on the Lord, may He keep you in perfect peace tonight and always. Good night, my love.

May the watchful care of the Lord, grant you calm repose, a quiet night perils free you will have. All your dreams I commit into his care, sweet and lovely dreams you will have, all forms of nightmare will be far away from, like a baby you will sleep, and an adult you will wake up.

King of the universe, I beg of thee to grant us a night of peaceful rest. Keep us alive to see another amazing morning that you have made. Give us your love and care for without them, we are nothing. Be with us now and forever. Amen. Good night my dear.

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Good Night Prayer For Him

Good night, I wish you a very awesome sleep and every moment full of peace, passion, joy, and love.

As you sleep tonight, the Lord will keep you safe through the night and endow you with rest. Never forget to cast off your cares and burden upon Him, for He cares for you. Good night sweetie.

I pray we attain the greatness in life, I pray that the door of blessing and success will be open for us.

My loving and kind God will send his angels to guard you tonight. When the dawn breaks, I desire to behold you awake and radiant to the glory of his holy name.

I pray that your sleep will be undisturbed and filled with dreams that delight you, precious one.

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My dear, I know your day has been so hectic, I pray that you find peace and strength within. Good night my love. I love you.

Remember you’ve been justified and sanctified and you are loved beyond measure by God, I pray you never forget this. Continue to bask in His love. Good night beloved.

With God, nothing shall be impossible. Before day breaks, every impossibility in your life and work shall be made possible in Jesus’ name. Do have a pleasant night my love.

As you sleep tonight, the Lord will hear the prayer you offer, he will direct you in all your ways, and drives all gloom from your way.

Keep us alive tonight so that we will continue the things we left half done when the morning comes. I hand over the heart desires of the one I love to your hands. Grant their wishes and strengthen them with your love forever. Good night my beloved…

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Good Night Prayer Quotes

May you see your desires accomplished over your enemies in Jesus’ name. Have a pleasant night’s rest.

May your sleep be blessed and refreshing, may you be covered in God’s love and enjoy a peaceful night. Have a good night, gorgeous.

May God protect you all through the night, I commit your sleeping and waking into the hands of the mightiest God. May you wake up in the morning with a fresh breath. I love you.

There’s absolutely nothing impossible for Jesus Christ to do. Tonight, may his warm embrace cast away every form of fear haunting you, my dear friend. Amen.

Before going to bed, may the thoughts in your head be of how much the Lord loves you. Prayers for sweet dreams tonight, my love.

My dear husband, may you continue being in the Lord and enjoying His blessing. May his protection always be over you, Good night, my love. I love you.

I know the situation looks terrible but remember God know the solution and is always glad to help us. I pray that you never forget and thank God for this. Have a great night dear.

Don’t be discouraged sweetheart. Go to bed and sleep. I assure you, everything shall be better in the morning. Have a sweet night, my love.

May the Father most High be with you as you sleep tonight. All your inner most cry he has heard, he will grant you your requests, only trust and abide in his words and commandments, because he is a merciful God.

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Good Night Prayer For Her

I want to wake up tomorrow to thank you for my life and the life of my lover. Be with us as we close our eyes to rest our weak bones. I place all my hope in you because there is no God worthy to be compared to you. Grant our wishes tonight. Amen.

First of all, you were a familiar stranger who moved on to become a friend and now you’re more than a friend to me. Goodnight my dearest, I love you.

May you be safe in God’s love as you sleep tonight, may your body be refreshed and your strength renewed for a new day. Goodnight dearest.

As you step out today I pray you experience God’s miracle in everything you lay your hands upon. May you see favor in everything you place your hands today. You are blessed My king.

The depth of God’s knowledge is unfathomable. He knows your heart desire and can solve all your needs. As you go to bed tonight, may he wake you up with answers in the morning.

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I pray that as you rest in the sovereignty of God tonight, he will open doors for you and lead you to everything good, sweet one.

Darling, I pray to God to continue giving you the strength you need for ever. You are an amazing husband. Good night love.

Everything seems impossible, remember you can’t proffer a solution to all problems, only God can. Always remember He cares for you. May your night be filled with peace. Good night angel.

May you see your desires accomplished over your enemies in Jesus’ name. Have a pleasant night rest.

May the sweet savior in hour of mortal anguish, when the Light goes dim, and all around you the night falls, breath the peace and let there be light around you as you lay to sleep tonight.

Good Night Prayer For Her

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Good Night Prayer For A Friend

You are the true and great God. Make our night as wonderful as the day. May we have sweet dreams that will gladden our hearts. Warm us with your love as we sleep. Do this and may your name be highly glorified. Amen. Have a wonderful night my dear.

As you go to bed tonight, I pray that the stars shine brighter for you tonight and forever. Goodnight my dearest friend.

This is my prayer: that you experience a good night’s rest, a sweet dream, and a blessed morning. Have a wonderful night, my friend.

My sweetest friend, the one who I love truly I pray that the blessing of God will never depart from you. I pray that you experience greatness all through your life.

I thank God for the care He has given you through the day, as you go to sleep, may He protect you through the night until the morning sunshine. Have a blessed night.

No matter how long or short the night is or how peaceful or scary it is, I know all is well because I prayed for you and God heard me. Good night friend.

As you sleep tonight, I pray your dreams be filled with life changing solutions to every of your challenges. Have a victorious night.

The Lord will guide your resting place and feed you with a Shepherd care and guide you with a watchful eye, and in the midnight hours defend you, his angels will surround you, in peace you shall sleep.

If I decide to repay you back for what your friendship means to me, then I wouldn’t be able to pay you completely and I’m happy to be your friend. Have a wonderful night rest my sweet friend.

Good Night Prayer For A Friend

Good Night Prayer For Family

I pray to you, Lord Jesus to be the light of our nights. Send your angels to watch over the one I love so much. Open your heavenly arms to nudge him to sleep in bliss and wake up in happiness. We will always believe in your words. Have a great night.

We bless the King for his blessings and we pray that His lessons mould us to be better persons. Good night my dearest.

As we sleep tonight, may we be forgiven of our trespasses, may the Lord pardon our shortcomings and wrongdoings by His mercies, and may He cause His face to shine upon us.

I pray that whatever as an attachment to you, wont brings sadness your way. I pray that from now on till forever God will clear all the obstacles from your way. Good night!

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The angels of the living God have taken charge of the territory where you live. They will secure you in your sleep and ward off evil spirits from your home. Amen.

Precious Lord, please watch over your dear one tonight. Please lighten our load and remove all cares. Help us to enter into tranquil rest and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Good Night Prayer For Family

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Prayer For Good Night Sleep

My love, relax, God is in control, and may he make your work go smooth as per your dreams. Have a beautiful night my love.

I pray you remain strong and have a wonderful night today. Relax, unwind and be thankful for having a good life. Good night, my love.

No matter how stressful and tiring your day was, I pray that you have a relaxing and peaceful night sleep. Goodnight.

Prayer For Good Night Sleep

God will lead your weary wondering steps, where the peaceful rivers soft and slow, and give you a calm and thankful night as you lay your head to sleep.

We are weak and wish to sleep, please renew our body and soul. Just like the sun shines on earth, shine in our lives and be our Lord forever. We are nothing without you, be our father and watch us through the dark and lonely night. Amen.

Forget every disappointment you experienced today, tomorrow will surely be better. Do have a peaceful night, my love.

I pray that you have a refreshing and calming sleep tonight. May the God of peace and comfort watch over you. Good night, my dearest.

Lord, I honor your great name for you are mighty to be praised. Bless my friend who is reading this prayer, for their morning to be bright and sweet. Amen.

As you go to sleep, know that I am praying for you to receive healing and strength and for God to magnify beauty in your life.

Good Night Prayer For My Love

May your choices bring you joy and peace. May all your expectations be fulfilled. Good night my love.

May your night be filled with tranquility and peace. May your tomorrow shine brighter and better. Good night, honey.

The Lord will form a border of protection around you. All your opponents will be put to shame. Good night, honey.

The Lord will justify you and avenge you on your enemies. He will fight for your cause and make you smile again. Good night my love.

May you continue to enjoy God’s grace all the days of your life. May you always be well. Good night my love.

Well, we hope you liked this collection of Good Night Prayers for My Love. Don’t forget to like and share. Thanks for visiting. xoxo.

May you experience God’s unwavering love tonight and always. Goodnight Sweetheart.

May the Lord carry you in His arms and protect you from all dangers. Have a nice night, my love.

Have faith, sleep in peace. Tomorrow’s success and victory will overshadow any failure and disappointment you have experienced today. Amen. Have a pleasant night.

May your night be truly wonderful. No one deserves it more than you. Sleep well my sweetheart.

May you sleep like a rose and wake up with renewed energy. May the Lord fight your battle. Amen.

While you sleep, may your heart be filled with gratitude for the day that has passed. May you wake up in the morning with renewed hope, strength and faith. Good night my love.

Relax my love, God is in control and He will make all things work for you, God. Have a nice night.

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